Statements & Policies

Ticket Sales Policies

  • Tickets cannot be reserved or sold prior to ticket sales period.
  • Santa Train Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.
  • All passengers, regardless of age, must have tickets. Regular VRE tickets WILL NOT be honored for this special event. Tickets WILL NOT be sold at the station the day of the event and must be purchased prior to the event.
  • Ticket sales are limited to 6 per person for most trains.
  • For online purchases, any person attempting to purchase more than 6 tickets for specific trains will have their ENTIRE ORDER REFUNDED, thus not receiving any tickets. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For more on ticket sales, visit the about page.

Safety Statement

No passenger may cross the tracks except at the Manassas at-grade crossing when the gates are raised. Passengers who cross the tracks otherwise are trespassing and creating a dangerous situation. Any passenger found trespassing on the tracks will not be allowed to board. 

  • Plan to have every member of your family on the BOARDING side of the railroad tracks well before your scheduled departure.
  • When trains board passengers, they will block every available crossing location. DO NOT GET STUCK. (Manassas)
  • Never walk around the ends of the train. Both tracks will be active and expect a train at any time, in either direction.
  • Never attempt to climb or crawl under the train. Manassas Police will have officers on hand to enforce rail safety and railroad trespassing.
  • For parents of infants and small children; be aware that there are three road crossings in the immediate area (Manassas). The trains will be required to blow their horns when moving through these crossings per standard practice. Be prepared for this.
  • Be prepared for unpredictable weather. Temperatures during this event can range from the low 30s to high 60s and can change depending upon the time of day.
  • Your conduct matters. VRE reserves the right to deny boarding or remove any passengers who act in an unsafe manner, disobey the train crew or who engage in illegal activity.

Sales Period 

Santa Train tickets sell extremely fast. We ask passengers to be courteous to others during the process. We cannot guarantee anyone a ticket, nor can we provide tickets to parties not able to obtain tickets during the open sales period.