You Successfully Placed Your Order ... What's Next?

Congratulations on successfully placing your Santa Train ticket order! The event draws near, and you're likely eager for your tickets to arrive in the mail. While we'll keep you updated on the status of your order, here's a little more information on what to expect.    

Awaiting Fulfillment

You received an order confirmation followed by an order update that you are now "awaiting fulfillment" ... but what does that mean? It simply means your tickets have not yet mailed. Your order status will be updated when your tickets mail. For a full list of Order Status Definitions, see below.

Order Status Definitions: 
Pending — Incomplete order
Awaiting Payment — The checkout process was completed, but payment has yet to be confirmed. 
Awaiting Fulfillment — The order was successfully placed, and will be soon be prepared for delivery or pick up.
Awaiting Shipment — The order is packaged, but is awaiting collection from the shipping carrier.
Awaiting Pickup — The order is awaiting customer pickup from a specified location.
Completed — Order has been shipped/picked up, and receipt is confirmed.
Shipped — Order has been shipped, but receipt has not been confirmed.

How Your Tickets Will Arrive

Each ticket in your order will arrive individually. You will open and unfold the ticket mailpiece like a brochure, and then tear your ticket off along the perforated edge indicated in the video below. 


See you soon!

We look forward to seeing you for this year's Santa Train. Please ensure you read the information on the ticket back as well as the online Safety Statement